Building Leadership for Health
   Building Leadership for Health        

SfGH additional resources

Some additional papers, presentations and resources for Students for global Health 

Training Toolkit 11 Learning from Experience
This is a session on how we learn from success and failure as a tool for trainers.
SfGH Training Toolkit 11 Learning from E[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [622.1 KB]
Training Toolkit 11a Thoughts on Leadership
This is a list of thoughts from Leaders and others it can be used by trainers to aid learning from experience, it proved very useful for a course I ran in Oman, where the course participants developed a display of words and pictures with a musical background to stimulate reflection on these sayings.
SfGH Training Toolkit 11a Thoughts on Le[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [204.2 KB]
Training Toolkit 12 Writing Policy Proposals
This is a training session on how to write a policy proposal, it was developed with Sir Muir Gray who is an international expert in this field. Trainers might want to adapt this to SfGH's approach.
SfGH Training Toolkit 12 Policy Proposal[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [268.9 KB]
Training Toolkit 13 European Global Health Organisations
This is a list of about 400 European organisations engaged in global health issues. I prepared this for the Global Health Centre about 16 years ago so you may need to update it, but it is the only such list I can find, it might help if you are looking for possible allies or places to start a GH career.
SfGH Training Toolkit 13 European Global[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [656.4 KB]
Training Toolkit 14 Learning Log
An example of a learning log which trainers might want to adapt for their use, it is just a way of getting people to reflect on what they learn not just from training but from trying to put lessons into practice in their working lives.
SfGH Training Toolkit 14 Learning log .p[...]
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Training Toolkit 15 Lessons from the Coronavirus Pandemic
A set of pages drawing lessons from the global pandemic and providing links to relevant resources.
SfGH Training Toolkit 15 Lessons from th[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [442.2 KB]
Training Toolkit 16 Lessons from Brexit Negotiations
This is a training toolkit based on experience of the ongoing Brexit Negotiations
SfGH Training Toolkit 16 Lessons fom Bre[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [864.0 KB]
Training Toolkit 17 Lessons from Wars and Pandemics
A paper on the lessons that can be learnt from 2 centuries of wars and pandemics.
SfGH Training Toolkit 17 Lessons from Gl[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [249.5 KB]
Training Toolkit 18 Coronavirus - Lessons from Three Crises
A paper written by three accountants and economists led by Roger Latham on what we must learn from the financial crisis, the pandemic and the climate change challenge and how it should affect political decisions at global and national levels.
SfGH Training Toolkit 18 Lessons from 3 [...]
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GAFFI Africa toolkit from Fungal Infections
This is a toolkit adapted for GAFFI Africa to help them consider their strategy for implementing their programme for reducing Fungal Infections.
SfGH Training Toolkit 20 Case Study GAFF[...]
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Recent Publications
Text book "Global Health Diplomacy", available here.

Paper in SMQ on Value for Money in Behaviour Change available here.


Gateway Portsmouth

Led by Portsmouth City Council and funded by the European Integration Fund has  issued a series of reports setting out lessons for co production and social integration. Read more here. We ran a dissemination day for  representatives of integration projects from 6 EU Countries.


Global Health Diplomacy

I  worked with  colleagues to develop training material for an open access online course, which provides an introduction to the topic suitable for diplomats in training, health advocates or international officials, academics and others including students of global health. See   


We ran a course for IFMSA on global health advocacy in 2019 before the WHA see here.


In 2020 I developed further courses on global health advocacy and diplomacy for Students for Global Health, the Cambridge MPhil in Public Health and IFMSA see here.


Evaluating Health Wellbeing and Behaviour Change SROI

I updated the tools and notes to reflect the  evidence in 2016. I provide a discovery learning course on health and wellbeing evaluation for LA and CCG commissioning teams and health professionals see here




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