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This web site provides a range of free training materials on aspects of health leadership, diplomacy and economics designed so that you can download them and adapt them to your specific needs.  The materials are based on my experience in advising the UK NHS, the EU and the WHO and teaching and advising on aspects of leadership development in some 30 different countries. I am also very grateful to colleagues who provided free access to their training materials to share with you. The materials on this site include:

  • Students for Global Health Training Toolkits (a set of 20 modules)
  • Building Leadership for Health Course (a set of 10 training modules)
  • Building Community Leaders (7 modules  by Professor Randall Peterson of LBS)
  • The Nurse Leadership Curriculum Development Course (for nurse educators)
  • Cambridge International Health Leadership Programme (by Dame Sandra Dawson)
  • Health Futures (training and reports on long term future planning).
  • Co Producing Community Integration (based on the Portsmouth Gateway project)
  • Socio-Economic Evaluation (+ a community hub for health and wellbeing)
  • Global Health Diplomacy (based on work with the Graduate Institute, Geneva)
  • Evaluating Behaviour Change (courses and tools developed with NSMC for DH )


A note from Graham Lister 
Building Leadership for Health has been my way of passing on some of the ideas I have gathered from many of the wonderful people I have worked with over the years. I like to think every assignment was not only worthwhile and fun and  but generated ideas I can share. I have sent out some 1,500 free CDs of training materials to health leaders in Europe, Africa and Asia, including both my own material and contributions from friends and colleagues.  

With colleagues at the Global Health Programme of the Graduate Institute in 2013 -2014 I helped  develop and tutor an online course for 120 WHO Heads of Country Offices.        In 2014 I was rapporteur for the Canada UK Colloquium on Global Health

From 2013 -2017 I have provided courses for IFMSA students attending the WHA  

I also provide a course on global health diplomacy for Masters Students at Cambridge, see the Global Health Diplomacy Page.


In 2014/15 I helped to evaluate an EU funded programme to develop Social Capital for new immigrant women in Portsmouth see Co-producing Community Integration. 


In 2016 I updated the behaviour change Evaluation tools and training notes and developed for Public Health England a  new tool for evaluating Making Every Contact Count which is an NHS culture change programme, see Evaluating Behaviour Change.


In my spare time I have been helping my friend Ian McAleer to develop a charity to mentor ex-offenders this has now closed after helping over 350 clients see the write up under "Co-Producing". I have since tried to help another charity called "Finding Rhythm".


In 2017 I was the Interim Chair of Board of Trustees for Medsin-UK, a student led network of more than 30 branches across the UK advocating for global health equity. It has now changed its name to Students for Global Health.


In 2017/18/19 I helped to develop a Moodle online masters course in socio- economic eveluation for AHPs at London South Bank University, as a follow up to "Allied Health Professionals into Action" with my friend "Mish" Musharrat J Ahmed-Landeryou.


In 2018/19 I have worked with our local cottage hospital Leagues of Friends to help us develop as a Community Hub for Health and Wellbeing including Social Prescribing.         I also developed a discovery learning programme for the evaluation of health and wellbeing projects see Socio-Economic Evaluation. 


In 2020 I developed further courses on global health advocacy and diplomacy for Students for Global Health, the Cambridge MPhil in Public Health and IFMSA.


If you have suggestions and improvements to the current programmes  just contact me at  


Recent Publications
Text book "Global Health Diplomacy", available here.

Paper in SMQ on Value for Money in Behaviour Change available here.


Gateway Portsmouth

Led by Portsmouth City Council and funded by the European Integration Fund has  issued a series of reports setting out lessons for co production and social integration. Read more here. We ran a dissemination day for  representatives of integration projects from 6 EU Countries.


Global Health Diplomacy

I  worked with  colleagues to develop training material for an open access online course, which provides an introduction to the topic suitable for diplomats in training, health advocates or international officials, academics and others including students of global health. See   


We ran a course for IFMSA on global health advocacy in 2019 before the WHA see here.


In 2020 I developed further courses on global health advocacy and diplomacy for Students for Global Health, the Cambridge MPhil in Public Health and IFMSA see here.


Evaluating Health Wellbeing and Behaviour Change SROI

I updated the tools and notes to reflect the  evidence in 2016. I provide a discovery learning course on health and wellbeing evaluation for LA and CCG commissioning teams and health professionals see here




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