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Community Hub for Health and Wellbeing with Social Prescribing

This page describes the efforts of the League of Friends of the Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross Hospital to develop this community hospital as a hub for health and wellbeing applying Social Prescribing to engage people in local, county and national organisations and groups that can help them improve their physical and mental health and address wellbeing issues such as loneliness and lack of emotional and financial support.

This is the Chair of our League of Friends, Sara Sabine opening a new Audiology Unit at our hospital with equipment funded by the LoF. This is one of the 30 Clinics and services offered by our hospital by Consultants, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. They provide services in our clinics, in people's homes and in local schools. We are working with our local Primary Care Network,  NHS Trust, local authorities and charities  to help us develop as a Community Hub for Health and Wellbeing.  The picture above shows our 60th Anniverary. Cake is of course an important ingredient for community health and wellbeing. 

Community Hubs for Health and Wellbeing, offering Social Prescribing and a wide range of “Hospital at Home” and “Day Hospital Services” together with integrated social care and community engagement are part of the Integrated Care System being developed across the County.  The Buckinghamshire integrated care system is committed to creating ‘one Buckinghamshire, one integrated health and care system’, working together under the banner of ‘Your community, your care” for more details see the NHS England site :  The Buckinghamsire Clinical Commissioning Group describe this as a way of working that brings together the expertise of health and social care organisations, community groups and local charities to help people live well for longer, see their web site at . A Buckinghamshire Integrated Care Board has now been established to commission health, social care, patient transport and other wellbeing services and to work in partnership with community organisations to improve health and wellbeing see Integrated Care Partnership | Integrated Care Partnership (

Suggestions for Community Action for Health and Wellbeing from our Hospital
Suggestions from an Engagement Process, talking to local health and wellbeing providers and local community organisations, provides examples of how local engagement could assist in supporting integrated physical and mental health and social care. This would improve our for health and wellbeing while reducing cost and demand pressures on the NHS and care services. It is a practical example of the ideas introduced by Lord Crisp in his recent book "Health is Made at Home, Hospitals are for Repairs", (Nigel Crisp was once the CEO of a local hospital).
Friends Suggestions (10).docx
Microsoft Word document [2.7 MB]
Evidence that shows the Cost Effectiveness of Community Action
For each of the areas of community action identified in the previous note we gathered evidence of impacts on costs and outcomes for health and wellbeing. Since this was first put together further evidence has strengthened the case for healthy lifestyle interventions so this note has been updated.
Evidence for Community Action up.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [256.2 KB]
Community Organisations and Local Groups Relevant to Health and Wellbeing In Chalfonts and GX
This is an Excel Spreadsheet ist of community contacts that might be developed as an aid to social prescribing, for use by all involved including: Link Workers, Parish Councils and Community Organisations, Library staff and all who help people find the support they need. It is based on the N Bucks model.
Chalfonts Gerrards Cross Community Supp[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [780.0 KB]
How Community Hubs for Health and Wellbeing and Social Prescribing can Meet the Needs of Older People
This is based on a lecture I first gave to Architects for Health in 2005 to discuss how health and care needs are changing. I drew on my work with the Judge Business School Cambridge called "Engaging with Care" which set a vision for the future health and care workforce. see . It calls for a reimagining of the way Primary and Community health and Social care as an integrated local service co-creating health and wellbeing with community organisations..
Architects for Health5 (4).pdf
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Community Health and Wellbeing and Social Prescribing
This provides an introduction to community health and wellbeing and social prescribing with links to a wide range of resources relevant to the development of a Community Hub and Social Prescribing Service in Chalfont St Peter (my community).
Social Prescribing 1.pdf
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National Resources to support Community Hubs and Social Prescribing

A very useful guide to setting up and running a Community Hub for Health and Wellbeing can be found on the My Community web site at 

A further resource to support the development of Community Hubs for Health and Wellbeing can be found on the King's Fund web site at

A wide range of resources to inform and help evaluate options for social prescribing can be found on the resources page of - The Social Prescribing Network: A recent addition has been the formation of the National Academy for Social Prescribing: 


Recent Publications
Text book "Global Health Diplomacy", available here.

Paper in SMQ on Value for Money in Behaviour Change available here.


Gateway Portsmouth

Led by Portsmouth City Council and funded by the European Integration Fund has  issued a series of reports setting out lessons for co production and social integration. Read more here. We ran a dissemination day for  representatives of integration projects from 6 EU Countries.


Global Health Diplomacy

I  worked with  colleagues to develop training material for an open access online course, which provides an introduction to the topic suitable for diplomats in training, health advocates or international officials, academics and others including students of global health. See   


We ran a course for IFMSA on global health advocacy in 2019 before the WHA see here.


In 2020 I developed further courses on global health advocacy and diplomacy for Students for Global Health, the Cambridge MPhil in Public Health and IFMSA see here.


Evaluating Health Wellbeing and Behaviour Change SROI

I updated the tools and notes to reflect the  evidence in 2016. I provide a discovery learning course on health and wellbeing evaluation for LA and CCG commissioning teams and health professionals see here




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