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Evaluation Training

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Overview of potential impact of MECC
This is a summary overview of an evaluation of the potential impact of MECC (making every contact count)
MECC FINALgl[319].pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [715.9 KB]
MECC Evaluation Tool
This is a tool so you can enter costs, impacts and assumptions or evidence of outcomes for the evaluation of MECC.
Copy of MECCVfMFinal(3368).xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [512.0 KB]
MECC Evaluation Training Notes
This provides introductory training for users of the MECC evaluation Tool
MECC Eval Training23[318].pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [3.3 MB]
Advanced Training for Users of Evaluation Tools
This set of slides describes the sources of data and assumptions used in updated VfM tools, it assumes that users already understand the basics of economic evaluation for health.
Eval Training.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [3.4 MB]
Tool for Generating and Applying Discount Factors to Derive Net Present Value
This is an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to help convert costs and benefits arising over a number of years to their present value.
Costs and Outcome Discount Tool1.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [19.2 KB]


Recent Publications
Text book "Global Health Diplomacy", available here.

Paper in SMQ on Value for Money in Behaviour Change available here.


Gateway Portsmouth

Led by Portsmouth City Council and funded by the European Integration Fund has  issued a series of reports setting out lessons for co production and social integration. Read more here. We ran a dissemination day for  representatives of integration projects from 6 EU Countries.


Global Health Diplomacy

I  worked with  colleagues to develop training material for an open access online course, which provides an introduction to the topic suitable for diplomats in training, health advocates or international officials, academics and others including students of global health. See   


We ran a course for IFMSA on global health advocacy in 2019 before the WHA see here.


In 2020 I developed further courses on global health advocacy and diplomacy for Students for Global Health, the Cambridge MPhil in Public Health and IFMSA see here.


Evaluating Health Wellbeing and Behaviour Change SROI

I updated the tools and notes to reflect the  evidence in 2016. I provide a discovery learning course on health and wellbeing evaluation for LA and CCG commissioning teams and health professionals see here




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