Building Leadership for Health
   Building Leadership for Health        

Leading Change and Innovation



It is important to recognise that there are two related issues one is to encourage people to challenge conventional thinking and produce new innovative solutions, the other is to enable the organization and people with whom we work to adopt new ways of thinking and behaving.


This is a group including myself and my Australian friend Professor Gill Palmer discussing health innovations and reforms  before an audience of 1,000 health leaders in Shanghai. I later returned to Beijing with a WHO team and my friend Dr David Kwo to help establish a system for monitoring the progress and effectiveness of reforms across the many provinces and regions of China and globally.

Leading Innovation
A presentation that introduces some ideas on how to encourage and support innovative thinking.
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Leading Change
A presentation that helps you think about how to manage change in a health organization.
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Developing Health Policy Options for China
This is a presentation I produced for the WHO Team visiting China in which I was explaining to senior health officials how health policy innovations were developed and introduced in the UK. As this is rather old the links to UK government web sites no longer work.
Health Policy Knowledge China.pdf
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Lord Michael Young, who wrote the 1945 Labour Party Manifesto, setting out the case for the NHS, was the most creative social thinker I ever met. He was a social entrepreneur who established many organizations in the UK Australia and in other parts of the world. He established the College of Health  to empower patients with knowledge and questions about their conditions and needs. At one stage it served as an advice centre for 11.5 million people mostly in London and the South East. I served as Chair of the organization as a result of working with them to develop the national strategy for NHS Direct and it was a great priviledge to get to know him a little. We developed an idea for a community health TV channel for Hull, an area he knew well and where the technology would make it possible to personalise services to deliver health and wellbeing information. During his last stay in hospital at the age of 85 he sent two notes - one suggested investment in language skills for hospital cleaning staff so they could talk to patients. The other proposed that discharge interviews should be tape recorded so that the information could be made available online to patients and carers as he found that it was difficult to remember what had been said. 


Recent Publications
Text book "Global Health Diplomacy", available here.

Paper in SMQ on Value for Money in Behaviour Change available here.


Gateway Portsmouth

Led by Portsmouth City Council and funded by the European Integration Fund has  issued a series of reports setting out lessons for co production and social integration. Read more here. We ran a dissemination day for  representatives of integration projects from 6 EU Countries.


Global Health Diplomacy

I  worked with  colleagues to develop training material for an open access online course, which provides an introduction to the topic suitable for diplomats in training, health advocates or international officials, academics and others including students of global health. See   


We ran a course for IFMSA on global health advocacy in 2019 before the WHA see here.


In 2020 I developed further courses on global health advocacy and diplomacy for Students for Global Health, the Cambridge MPhil in Public Health and IFMSA see here.


Evaluating Health Wellbeing and Behaviour Change SROI

I updated the tools and notes to reflect the  evidence in 2016. I provide a discovery learning course on health and wellbeing evaluation for LA and CCG commissioning teams and health professionals see here




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